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8-Year Quiz Cycle

Overview of the WBQA Quiz Cycle

Most denominations and youth quiz organizations have agreed to quiz over the same book (or set of books) each year. This cycle is called the World Bible Quiz Association quiz cycle (or "WBQA cycle" for short). This agreement to quiz over the same material allows different groups to compete against one another, as long as they are studying the same translation (BSB, ESV, KJV, or NIV).

The WBQA Quiz Cycle alternates three gospels and Acts, with multi-book epistle years. Then every 8 years, the cycle repeats. The cycle is listed here:

  •   • 2016-17: Luke
  •   • 2017-18: 1 & 2 Corithians
  •   • 2018-19: John
  •   • 2019-20: Hebrews, 1 & 2 Peter
  •   • 2020-21: Matthew
  •   • 2021-22: Romans, James
  •   • 2022-23: Acts
  •   • 2023-24: Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon

... and then the cycle repeats with Luke.

Participating Denominations And Groups

Assemblies of God Bible Quiz Fellowship
Christian & Missionary Alliance Churches of God, GC
Evangelical Free Free Methodist
Missionary Church Nazarene
Salvation Army Bible Bowl Wesleyan Bible Bowl
World Bible Quizzing