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The QuizMaster™ software is an excellent resource. For quizzers, it will dramatically change the way you study. If you are a coach, you will be amazed at how easy it is to prepare for quiz practices. Download the software for free and try it out! Then, after using it for ten days, you may purchase a user license (on this website) to continue using the software.

Available Editions

You may download the software for your organization by clicking on the appropriate link below. As we finish preparing material, those organizations without links will be made available.

The following is a key to the downloads: BQF (Bible Quiz Fellowship), CBQ (Canadian Bible Quizzing), CMA (Christian & Missionary Alliance), CMA MAD (CMA Mid-Atlantic District), CMA NED (CMA Northeastern District), CMA PNW (CMA Pacific Northwest District), CGGC (Churches of God, General Conference), FM (Free Methodist), MC (Missionary Church), Nazarene (Church of the Nazarene), SA (Salvation Army), Wesleyan (Wesleyan Bible Bowl), WBQA (World Bible Quizzing Association).

Rom & Jam
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Speech Support

The QuizMaster™ can audibly read questions for you and has some cute animated characters that make using the software more fun. (Note: The QuizMaster™ may not work on Windows XP systems unless speech is installed.)

Click here to download speech support.


The QuizMaster™ will run on any Microsoft Windows® computer (95, 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10). Though not required, we recommend that your system have a sound card and internet connection to get maximum benefit from the software.

After downloading each installation file, double-click on its icon to run the installation program(s). A yellow QuizMaster™ icon will be placed on your desktop. Double-click on that icon to run the program.

The MatchMaker NextGEN™ software is a whole new generation of software designed to make quiz matches and practices more exciting. Designed to work with our MatchMaker™ quiz equipment, NextGEN allows you to control a quiz match from your computer. By displaying your computer screen on a wall, the audience can be brought into the match in a way never before possible.

The software is free to download and try out, but works only with our MatchMaker™ line of quiz equipment. You can try the software out without actually having our quiz equipment. To get up to speed quickly, we recommend downloading the Quick Start guide below. It will give you a highlevel view of the software and help you begin using it in little time at all.

Software Change log Version Release date
 MatchMaker NextGEN Change log 1.42 01/17/2018

Manuals Desciption Last update
 MatchMaker Console™ User's Guide Using the Console™ and NextGEN™ software. 09/09/2011
 MatchMaker NextGEN™ Quick-Start Quick, basic overview of the software. 07/28/2009
 MatchMaker NextGEN™ Equations Extend the power of the software with equations. 04/15/2010


MatchMaker NextGEN™ will run on any of the following Microsoft Windows® computers: 98SE, NT, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10, with a mouse. In addition, the MatchMaker Interface™ or Console™ require an available USB port. Though not required, we recommend that your system have a sound card and internet connection to get maximum benefit from the software.

Learn More

To learn more about our MatchMaker™ line of equipment, or our NextGEN™ software, view our equipment page and click on the links of interest.

Why won't The QuizMaster™ accept my license code?

The license code that you were given when you registered The QuizMaster™ is unique to you and the name you registered with. Make sure that you enter your name exactly as you registered when the program starts and asks for a user name. Then enter the license code. If you are still having trouble, contact technical support.

When I purchase a license, may I use the program on multiple computers?

Yes, you may use The QuizMaster™ on as many computers as you like. However, you may not share your license code with someone else, including family members. Remember, what you are purchasing is a license to use the material for one person. You are not purchasing the software.

May I distribute question sets and lists to my team members?

Yes, but only if they have a license to use The QuizMaster™. The material in The QuizMaster™ is protected by copyright and to freely distribute that material, in any form, is illegal and breaks your licensing agreement.

I installed this year's version of The QuizMaster™ and it no longer recognizes my name. Why?

Each year you are required to purchase a new license in order to continue using The QuizMaster™.

Why won't The QuizMaster™ speak?

In order to make The QuizMaster™ speak, you need to download and install the Microsoft Speech files available on our download page.

Can I include my own question sets in the QuizMaster™ program?

Yes and no. No, there is no feature, currently, that will let you add questions to The QuizMaster™ on your own. However, yes, you may send your question sets to us and we will compile them and send you back your own unique database. Contact us for more information.

How do I get the latest version of the program?

There are two ways to update your version of The QuizMaster™: you can download the latest version on the download page or you can use the automatic update feature from within the program itself. Using the automatic feature is the preferred way, since it will check periodically to see if you have the latest version and download and install it for you automatically.