Customer Praise
"Thank you also for your products. As a youth pastor, I appreciate all you do in providing tools to g..."
Martin (youth pastor)
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Encouragement From Our Customers

Our company is committed to seeing God's Word advance in the hearts and minds of teenagers. That commitment motivates us daily. But sometimes, it is nice to get a little encouragement and be reminded of how you are making a difference. What follows are some of the generous notes of encouragement that we have received from our customers. We can't express our thanks enough.
"Thank you also for your products. As a youth pastor, I appreciate all you do in providing tools to get our teens into God′s Word."   Martin (youth pastor)
"My husband is really impressed with your response time. He went to the post office to mail the check for QuizMaster, and the CD was in our post office box! He says you're really fast. Thank you so much. I′m so pleased at how you do business. I guess I wasn′t surprised that you sent the CD, but I was surprised to find the license code on it, too. Your check for the CD and the license is already in the mail. Thanks again. I′m telling all the coaches I know about your program!"   Maureen (coach)
"I really appreciate how quickly you get back to me when I have a question. That means a lot to me."   Debbie (coach)
"I have to say that you are doing an AWESOME job!"   Lori (coach)
"I needed to write you and remind you how valuable your work is to Nazarene Quizzing. I still use your QuizMaster program as a primary tool for training my students."   Daniel (coach)
"God bless you for your commitment to His Word."   Nancy (coach)
"I would like to thank you for the fine products that you provide and the excellent customer service."   Judi (coach)
"Thank you for your timely shipment of quality products. We have been pleased with the service provided by Acme Quiz and its staff. You really saved the day with this order as one of our team had ordered a dramatized CD almost 3 months ago from another site. After a few phone calls and still no CD, we turned to Acme Quiz and recieved the order in 3 days and at a significantly lower price. We continue to recommend you as a reliable source for quiz material."   Todd (coach)
"I really appreciate the phone call this morning. And I′m reminded that the technical support you offer is such a bonus. When I first heard of QuizMaster from my coaches, who said it was the best program they had seen and used, I was encouraged and tested the product. I do think it′s a wonderful program. So, while my computer literacy is very adequate for the ways I use it regularly, when I encounter a difficulty, I have thoroughly appreciated your responses, support and patience in guiding me through the system ~ and keeping us quizzing!"   Kathy (district director)
"Have found your material EXTREMELY HELPFUL!! Thanks!"   Brenda (coach)