Customer Praise
"Kudos to all you are doing. From the software program to Digging Deeper, you are hitting the mark. T..."
Martin (coach)
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Encouragement From Our Customers

Our company is committed to seeing God's Word advance in the hearts and minds of teenagers. That commitment motivates us daily. But sometimes, it is nice to get a little encouragement and be reminded of how you are making a difference. What follows are some of the generous notes of encouragement that we have received from our customers. We can't express our thanks enough.
"I really enjoy the QuizMaster program. It′s really helpful in our practices. We (teen quizzing) are blessed to have someone as dedicated as you to helping improve the teen quizzing ministry."   Danny (coach)
"I appreciate your time and comittment to this ministry. God be with you."   Julie (coach)
"As a first year coach, I found your products very helpful. Keep up the great work!"   Patti (coach)
"I wanted to e-mail you and praise your incredible quizzing software. If only they had this stuff around when I was a teen. Back then folks were just beginning to use computers for quizzing, and the software was poor and expensive. I couldn′t believe that your software was only $10. Whenever I see a product that is reasonably priced, I can tell that it′s makers care more about the people that use it than about lining their pocketbooks. And isn't that what Bible Quizzing is about? Like I said, this is the best software I have EVER seen! Keep coming out with this stuff!"   David (coach)
"Talk about service! You had my problem corrected before I even sent you the note!"   Darrell (coach)
"Thanks for your helpfulness, and for your donation of enormous time and energy to the furtherance of teaching the Word. God bless."   Deborah (coach)
"Hey, I just love Bible Quizzing. Thanks for all of your products. It′s fun to study for quizzing now!"   Audrey (quizzer)
"Thank you for your expedience in providing next year's material, as well as your continued Innovation. I'm sure the "Quote System" will help my kids incredibly."   Shea (coach)
"We have used Acme Quiz products on our district for several years and will continue to do so. The prices are great, as well as the material is of top quality."   Mike (district director)
"Thank you so much for all you are doing to see the Word of God move forward in the hearts and minds of People of all ages. Our church has used your company for several years now and have always been more than pleased with your material and your services. Thanks for everything and God Bless You!"   Tajuana (coach)